Express Shuttle of Utah is the largest airport shuttle that services the greater Salt Lake Area

Utah Holiday Family Travel Tips

Utah families enjoy spending time together during the holidays. Often their plans include trips to visit extended family or fun destinations. Flying can be unfamiliar to young children, adding to the stress. Follow the acronym T.R.I.P.  to help your family have an enjoyable Holiday vacation

Travel Bag- Pack favorite, soft item from home, snacks, empty water bottle (to fill up after security) and a new toy, book or game.

Rules- Know your airline’s rules and any special accommodations for young children. Go over safety rules with your children.

Identification- Put your contact information on your children using dog tag type necklaces or stickers.  Take pictures of them on day of travel so you can remember what they are wearing in case you get separated.

Patience- Pack your sense of humor, you are creating memories!

Express Shuttle is a family business, locally owned and operated. We have been helping Utah Families on their Holiday Vacations since 1991.

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