Express Shuttle of Utah is the largest airport shuttle that services the greater Salt Lake Area
Frequently Asked Questions

Do we operate on Holidays?

We operate 365 days a year.

What other cities have Xpress Shuttle?

Xpress Shuttle is currently located in Salt Lake City.

What is your Service area:

We service approximately a fifty mile radius around the Salt Lake International Airport. (See our RATES page for more information)

Are you a DOOR-TO-DOOR service?

Yes, in most areas.

Hours of Operation:

We begin picking up in the morning between 3:00-3:30 am. Our last shuttles leave the airport between midnight and 12:30 am

Private Ride:

We are primarily a “share-ride” service. This means there may be other people on the van with your party going in your same direction. We do offer private vehicle service as well.

Do I need to make a RESERVATION?

For transportation to the airport you must have a reservation. Please make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible. If you are arriving at the airport, reservations are required to guarantee your seat. If you do not have a reservation, transportation will be provided based on availability.

What PAYMENT METHODS are available?

The drivers accept cash and local checks. Payment by major credit card can be processed over the phone or at our airport desk. Advance payment by credit card is required for some areas and for some types of service.

Do you have any DISCOUNT RATES?

Certain discounts are available for corporations, groups, or conventions. Please contact our group sales representative directly. Contact Us

Do you have any FREQUENT RIDER programs?

We have frequent rider cards that are available from the driver. Simply record the confirmation numbers of your first nine trips and present the card to your driver for your tenth ride free! Frequent travelers can also request to be added to our frequent customer database where more detailed information, such as credit card information or special directions, can be stored.


Confirmation numbers are used when you check in at our desk in the airport, call to confirm, make any changes to an existing reservation, or wish to fill out a frequent rider card.

What is your LOCATION in the airport?

We have a desk located in the baggage claim areas of both terminals at the Salt Lake International Airport. When you arrive please check in with our representative stationed there.