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Traveling with Chargers

Do your vacations leave you with a jumbled mess of cords rivaling the ball of Christmas lights¬† Chevy Chase dealt with on “Christmas Vacation”?


Try these handy life hacks we found online…


Store chargers and headphones in an eyeglass case. Make sure you put this in our carry-on so you can use the headphones for the in-flight movie.

You can also wrap your headphones around a large paper clip.


In case of a layover you will have your charger available for your phone, ipad or laptop in the airport. Want to make friends at the airport? Bring a power strip so we can all share an outlet.

airport friends

To keep your cords healthy and kink free wrap an old pen spring around the base.PROTECT CHARGER

Brought your cord but forgot your outlet adapter? Check the back of the Hotel TV, they usually have a USB port you can plug into.

Forget your chargers all together? Ask the hotel you are staying at if they have any in the lost and found. Guests often forget to unplug their chargers leaving a surplus of cords and adapters. I guess you could consider it our modern day “Take a Penny, Leave a Penny” bowl.

Happy Traveling!!