Discounted Rates are NON-REFUNDABLE

Individual reservation cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your original pickup time. No-shows will be charged to the credit card on file and are non-refundable. Reservations cancelled within a 24-hour notice can be credited towards a future reservation if the driver has not yet been dispatched, in which case no refund applies.

For reservations made through and paid to a business partner, please contact them for more information on their cancellation policy.

We reserve the right to substitute vehicles on any trip.


We will be tracking your flight status. Upon arrival, we will communicate with you via text message or email.  Proceed to get your luggage and let us know when you are ready to go. If you have not received communication from us, please call at 801-255-1841. On SHARED RIDE service, you may have to wait up to 30 minutes once you have your bags.

If we don’t have a way to communicate with you and you choose a different transportation service upon arrival, your reservation is non-refundable.

Confirm all departure reservations 24 hours in advance.

Please stay informed of potential weather delays or high traffic snow days and reschedule your departure time if necessary.


We do our best to work with the elements and adapt our operations to the different external factors that we face regularly. But when there is an event we can’t control like weather, road closure, heavy traffic, road accidents, a strike or other civil disorder, we may have to cancel, divert or delay your ground transportation.

Such “Force Majeure” events include:

  • Meteorological or weather conditions
  • Road traffic conditions or closures
  • Labor disputes that affect our service
  • Government regulations or requirements
  • Shortage of fuel
  • Civil disturbances including war, embargoes or unsettled conditions
  • Acts of terror
  • Any fact not reasonably foreseen or predicted by Canyon Transportation

Rebooking your delayed/cancelled transportation service

When your ground transportation service is canceled or delayed, we will rebook you on the next available service with available seats. If you decide not to use our service because it was cancelled or delayed, the remaining value of your paid transportation service will be refunded.

As soon as the events hindering our operations have ceased, we will put everything in motion to take delayed passengers to their destination. If delayed passengers who had not cancelled when informed of the delays, have elected to find an alternative to get to their destination, they will be considered no-show and their reservation will not be refundable.


If you notice damage to your bags and consider that it was due to extraordinary and careless handling from our staff, contact us within 24 hours of your transportation service at

Your baggage may show evidence of wear based on normal handling. Even the most expensive baggage will suffer from many flights and trips and its resistance will be affected. Poorly constructed baggage may have short lives when handled and stacked by employees of airlines and other transportation modes. Baggage will be stacked in the cargo area of the vans. Do not leave fragile items in the baggage loaded in the cargo space of the van.

  • Ordinary wear and tear
  • Inherent defect of baggage
  • Poor quality of baggage
  • Baggage being over-packed